What is the Collaborative?

The National Children's Digital Health Collaborative (the Collaborative) was initially established in April 2017 to bring together Australia's leading experts in children’s health to identify and scope a number of strategic digital health projects and initiatives for funding by the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency).  These initiatives had to be nationally focused, child-centred and clinician-friendly and must positively impact the health and social outcomes of Australia’s children and their families.The Collaborative comprises a wide variety of experts, including clinicians, consumers, governments, researchers, providers and industry representatives, who will be exploring, co-designing and testing ways for parents and healthcare providers to easily access standardised information on a child’s health and development. The Collaborative will test how information can be captured not only through a child’s interaction with the health system and other services such as school immunisation programs, but also through their mother’s relevant interactions during her pregnancy. Five key initiatives were scoped and approved for funding by the Agency Board in October 2017. The initiatives are:Child Digital Health Records Digital Pregnancy Record Child Digital Health Checks Digital Immunisation RecordsResearch This is an opportunity to help make Australia the best place in the world to raise healthy children and young people, and to be raised. 

Why is there a need for Digital Health Records?

One in three GPs will see a patient for whom they have little or no health information. Many children and young people’s records are created as paper files. They are regularly transmitted between healthcare providers using unsecure email and fax machines. The Collaborative is exploring and testing ways in which we can enable healthcare providers to have secure digital access to a child’s record at the point of care, wherever that may be. Providing families with their own digital health records will help empower families to better manage their health care needs and information.

How does the Collaborative relate to My Health Record?

The Collaborative will be utilising existing national digital health infrastructure and investment as much as possible – including healthcare identifiers, clinical terminology and the My Health Record. The Collaborative will test the ways in which parents, carers and healthcare providers want to access health information, including through systems such as My Health Record. This work will provide a base of evidence and experience with a view to rolling out solutions nationally. 

What is My Health Record?

My Health Record is a secure online summary of an individual’s health information. An individual can control what goes into it, and who is allowed access. Individuals can choose to share their health information with their doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. Having a My Health Record means your important health information including allergies, medical conditions and treatments, medicine details, and scan reports can be accessed through one system. Healthcare providers such as doctors, specialists, and hospital staff can see your record online when they need to treat you. For example, hospital emergency department doctors can access your records when you need urgent care.

To find out more about My Health Record, click here.

How are you involving families, parents and carers in the Collaborative?

The Collaborative is committed to co-designing digital health solutions with all its diverse stakeholders to deliver better child health outcomes. We will be involving families, parents and young people at all stages of the program. This approach will ensure that the way in which the digital health solutions are designed is central to consumers’ needs. Expressions of Interest are currently open for Consumer Representatives for the Collaborative Committees. Click here to find out more.